Why No One Talks About Tips Anymore

How I Transformed from a Career Woman to a Mother

It is hard for me to believe the turn of events. I have always wanted to be a career woman who will work and fulfill her dreams in life. After the three years of my college life, I graduated being the top in my class. During the Friday nights, I did not go out partying like most of the college students do but rather, I would stay in my room reading so that I would have the best grade in the next weeks exams. I discovered that I had a passion for writing when I was young and when I was up with my elementary school, I had a cardboard box that was full of all that I had written.

When I was through with my college studies, I secured a job with a technical writing firm in my hometown. Though it paid well, I did not view it as my dream job. It was exhaustive doing the job, and at times I even had the carpal tunnel syndrome. Even with all that fatigue, after I ate my supper, I would still try and type more as I wanted to write a novel that would one day be viewed as great in America, I always had this dream that someday I would be the winner of a Pulitzer award and later an Oscar.

When I was 28 and had not completed writing my novel, our firstborn a girl was born and 23 months later we had a baby boy. The hard work that I directed towards my career was now shifted to bringing up my kids in the best way. I needed to be home with my child and hence I stepped down from the job. I notified the management at my job that I had to step down from the job. The projects that I was looking forward to completing after I was through with my maternal leave were now handed over to someone else.

Chasing my dreams, I would stay up late after the kids were asleep to try and come up with something. I even asked for help from friends, parents, and my spouse to watch over the kids as I went to the nearest coffee shop to write something. Even when gone for a short while, I was worried about my kids and time to time I called to know about their progress.

Through this site, I have been able to tell my story, and whatever decision I made makes me feel happy. When I am in a position to write something, then I will do this. I am sure that I will get to have all that I wanted when I am ready.

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